Grooming & Boarding


Why Our Boarding Makes Purrfect Sense

At PETS SOCIETY, we designed our boarding facility with our own pets in mind. This is the culmination of research, careful study and thought. We visited several pet boarding facilities across Cebu, combining the very best features and designs into one hotel for your pet.

1. Our Pet Boarding is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a HEPA Filter exhaust that removes at least 99% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles that may be harmful to your pet.
2. A dedicated 24/7 in-house Pet Care Attendant will be stationed and CCTV's are installed in the boarding areas to ensure your pet/s utmost comfort, safety and to administer medical needs in case of emergency.
3. Boarding for dogs and cats are separated to make sure they have a safe, fun and stress-free stay.
4. Walk, exercise, and play time is schedule 2x a day at an outdoor area within Oakridge Business Park.
5. We give special handling to pets with medical and special needs, such as administering medicines and vitamins or other cases which needs extra care.
6. Photo & Video updates will be sent 3x a day exclusively through Pets Society's Facebook Messenger.
7. Your pet/s feeding and medical schedule will be followed as requested.
8. Hypoallergenic & pet-friendly aroma oil is provided to help all fur babies feel relaxed.
9. Our Boarding is sanitized regularly with the use of high-quality, tested and pet-safe disinfectants.
10. PETS SOCIETY is duly licensed and registered with SEC, Mayor’s Permit, BIR and BAI.
11. Boarding opens at 8 AM and closes at 7 PM. We can accommodate early check in and late check out upon request but with an additional fee of Php 500 for a single booking.

Boarding Requirements

1. Food, toys and other essentials should be provided by the pet owners. Bowls and drinking water will be provided by us.
2. For cat boarding guests, a litter box will be provided per room. However, the owners should bring their own litter sand, or they may purchase from our shop.
3. Kindly provide your pet/s soft copy of vaccination card and medical history should be declared during the booking process.
4. Soft copy of any valid government-issued ID of the pet owner is required during check in and check out for your pet/s safety. 
5. Kindly present your pet/s vaccination booklet upon check in. If vaccines and preventions are not updated, we must first update them upon check in.
6. A Waiver and Consent form will be provided and should be agreed upon by the pet owner. Otherwise, the service may be declined.
7. A non refundable 50% downpayment of the total amount is required for the room reservation. For rebooking, you must inform us a day (8 AM-7 PM) before the check in date otherwise the request will not be accepted.