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Health Concept - Renal

Health Concept - Renal

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Diet dry food for dogs with kidney disease
Chronic kidney failure is the most common disease in older dogs

Chronic kidney disease is often only diagnosed when the actual trigger can no longer be found and 2/3 of the kidney tissue has already been permanently damaged. The kidneys can compensate for a functional disorder over a long period of time by allowing healthy parts of the kidneys to do the extra work. However, if it is 2/3 destroyed, the animal will show the corresponding symptoms, since the toxins that the kidneys can no longer excrete accumulate in the body. The dog often suffers from loss of appetite, weight loss, increased thirst and urination, diarrhea, vomiting, poor coat quality, bad breath, pale mucous membranes, etc.

How RENAL dry food supports your dog with chronic kidney failure

MERAVITAL RENAL is a high premium diet dry food developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, which is perfectly adapted to the needs of dogs with kidney disease. Since proteins that are not required to build up body substance put an additional strain on the liver and kidneys, MERAVITAL RENAL contains a low content of high-quality proteins specially adapted to this disease. These are highly digestible and thus avoid burdening the urinary tract with additional breakdown products such as urea. Since dogs with kidney disease are often not able to break down phosphorus, MERAVITAL RENAL prevents this thanks to an adjusted phosphorus content. MERAVITAL RENAL is equipped with a specific mineral ratio that counteracts acidification in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are able to alleviate inflammatory processes in the tissue and have a positive effect on the filtering capacity of the kidneys. Prebiotic inulin stabilizes the attacked intestinal flora, mannan-oligosaccharides block the absorption of pathogenic germs via the intestinal mucosa.

Veterinarian Advice for Kidney Problems

Symptoms such as increased drinking, increased urination, lethargy etc. can also be signs of another serious illness such as diabetes or urinary tract problems. Meravital Renal should only be fed on the advice of a veterinarian and under appropriate medical supervision.

- Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
- Prophylaxis of urate, cystine and xanthine stones
- Prophylaxis of calcium oxalate stones associated with renal failure

- Puppies
- Pregnant and lactating bitches
- Hyperlipidemia
- Pancreatitis


How do you choose the brands you would like to distribute in the Philippines? 
- We look for values-driven organizations that have the welfare of pets in mind over anything else. Their products also have to prioritize quality and need to solve previously unmet problems of our pets and fur-rents.

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1. Send your payment via gcash after checkout

2. Take a screenshot of the payment

3. Kindly send the screenshot of payment to our Facebook Page Messenger -> Pets Society & input "(YOUR NAME) + (ORDER NUMBER)" for verification.

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